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Architecture is Climate

Sarah Bovelett, Powis Anthony, Tatjana Schneider, Christina Serifi, Jeremy Till und Becca Voelcker

Architecture is Climate imagines new ways for architecture to be understood, practiced, and taught through exploring its entanglement with climate breakdown. The website is divided into three sections: FOUNDATIONS set the background themes and issues; PRACTICES gathers inspiring examples across multiple disciplines; FUTURES prompt paths forward. All three parts are interlinked, to understand the connections between the pasts, presents, and futures of climate and architecture.

Climate breakdown fundamentally alters architecture as we know it: as discipline, practice, field, and education. The systemic changes required to avoid complete ecological collapse need to be accompanied by reimagined forms of architecture. This website therefore moves beyond architecture as defined solely by buildings (because that continues the status quo), and instead presents paths to other ways of approaching architecture. Go to FOUNDATIONS if you are interested in exploring the causes and background of climate breakdown in relation to architecture. In PRACTICES you will find over a hundred examples that are already facing climate breakdown in ways that can inform future architecture. FUTURES provides a set of prompts for architecture to engage with climate and social justice.

Published by

MOULD, 2024