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Chronograms of Architecture Exhibition

MOULD Collective, AA School London
20. Oktober–09. Dezember ’23

The 'Chronograms of Architecture' exhibition took its starting point from Charles Jencks’ iconic Evolutionary Tree ‘chronograms’ – diagrams of the history of architecture. The exhibition presented six new chronograms to reckon with the present day, made by different architects, artists and thinkers. These new works interrogated techno-optimism and techno-bureaucracy, feminist spatial practice and disciplinary racism, and the ecological implications and productive conditions of architecture. Some of the new diagrams filled in the undulating blanks in Jencks’ diagrams, while others offered an entirely different perspective on architectural discourse.

The exhibition was organised in collaboration with @jencksfoundation and @e_flux Architecture, featured contributions by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Marson Korbi @marsonkorbi, Mario Carpo, Mark Garcia and Steven Hutt @steven_hutt_wilder_cities , Charles L Davis II @cldavis_ii and Curry J Hackett @curryhackett, Francesca Hughes @francesca_hughes and Urtzi Grau @urtzigrau, MOULD @mould_earth, and Bryony Roberts @bryony_roberts_studio and Abriannah Aiken @abri.aiken, alongside material from the AA and Charles Jencks Archives.

Editors, Exhibition Design, Table Design, Graphic Design, Exhibition Build, Video and Sound, Photography

The exhibition was held in the AA Front Members' Room from 20 October – 9 December.

Editors: Lily Jencks and Eszter Steierhoffer (Jencks Foundation at The Cosmic House) with Nick Axel and Nikolaus Hirsch (e-flux Architecture)

Exhibition Design and Realisation: AA Public Programme with Paola Murguia

Table Design: Jack Cardno @jackelliotcardno , Georgina Bowman @_commonpractice , Charlie Corry-Wright, James Dent @jkdent

Graphic Design and Diagram Reprographics: AA Communications Studio @aacommstudio , Flip Creative @flip_creative_solutions , AA Print Centre @aaprintcentre

Exhibition Build: Commissioned by You @commissioned_by_you , AA Facilities, AA Hooke Park @hookepark

Video and Sound: AA Audio Visual

Photography by Elena Andreea Teleaga @elena.andreea.teleaga and Giulio Sheaves @giuliosheaves