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Futuring Workshop with Habitat Unit

MOULD Collective , Habitat Unit, TU Berlin at Floating University
06. Juli ’23

Following MOULD's Futuring Workshop format, Christina and Sarah prepared a two-hour conversational workshop, where the students delved deeper into the entanglement of climate and architecture, discussing possible futures.

Each team of students brings the project they are working on as part of the Amorgos Flux Design Studio, SoSe 23, focusing on Water, Tourism, and Climate Change. As a first step, using the diagram, we understand the conditions that each team from the design studio is addressing, identifying the issues and the blockages related to the root causes of climate breakdown. As a second step, through a list of prompts and actions, we imagine how each project could be possibly transform in order to release its full potential, finding openings for possible futures similar to the white gaps within the sediments of MOULD's diagram Architecture is Climate.

Design Studio SoSe 2023 - Amorgos Flux: Water, Tourism, Climate Change

Urban Design Studio at Habitat Unit, TU Berlin with David Bauer, Christian Haid and Anke Hagemann.