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NERD – New Experimental Research in Design Conference

Franca López Barbera talks "When a Tree Says No: Towards a Consent framework for design-nature relationships"
04.–05. Mai ’23

Using the Quebracho Colorado tree as a guiding example, the panel delves into two stories that highlight different ways of relating to nature: one as a subject with agency capable of enforcing consent, and the other as a material resource for profit — the latter underscoring the gendered and colonial roots of modern notions of consent. Against this, this talk introduces ‘more-than-human consent’ as a framework for design capable of attending to the relational, plural and uncertain dimensions and expressions of all life — human and nonhuman. More-than-human consent is understood as a way to construct, or as an instance of the construction, of situated relationalities and, therefore, as a generative framework within which a plurality of design-nature relationships can emerge.