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Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture

Tatjana Schneider, Jeremy Till und Nishat Awan

This book questions how and by whom architecture is made. When much of spatial production is servicing global political and monetary elites, we posit that architecture and architects can not only be critical of such forces, but can – also – develop forms of practice that resist dominant hegemonial structures. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Council, Jeremy and Tatjana also received the RIBA Research Award for Outstanding University-located Research for this project, which included the publication of texts, design studios, a series of symposia and the organisation of other events. The above book was published in Chinese translation by China Architecture and Building Press in 2016.


Awan, Nishat, Tatjana Schneider, and Jeremy Till. Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture. London: Routledge, 2011.

Published by

Routledge, London, 2011