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Rui Ferreira dos Santos

Lost and found in matters-of-space, from urban politics/policies to stage design, I am currently a PhD Student in architecture at TU Braunschweig. After brief detours and disappointments with urban planning and management within the scope of international cooperation for development in Egypt and Nepal, I embarked on a long doctoral journey that is now coming to an end. I have been trying since then to understand how may one respond, individually and collectively, to the questions raised by the (Mis)Anthropocene/Capitalocene/Plantationocene/Chtulucene. My research aims, specifically, at rethinking spatial practices as part of wider socio-political struggles objecting to growth (degrowth, buen vivir, etc…), critical approaches to participatory democracy and urban governance and; debates on speculative pragmatism and ecologies of (research) practices.