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Inputs / Talks

Licia Soldavini co-moderates the panel 'Engaging with Territories' at the Constructlab symposium 'On the Network'

Constructlab’s portfolio is the sum of many projects which result from specific negotiations with a number of landscapes and their inhabitants, teams working at different scales, local regulations and restrictions, working conditions, materials, partners, resources … The combination of these elements give life to what we sometimes call a ‘territory’ and/or a ‘community’.

These words are often spoken when describing critical spatial practices, but what are they really describing? What do they aim to define? What challenges and potentials do the use of these words hide?

Constructlab members Licia Soldavini, Bert Villa and Patrick Hubmann invite partners and friends, with whom they have been collaborating on several projects, to join a conversation around these questions. Broadcasting over several time-zones, they will reflect together on the spatial ancrage anchorage of our practice, the tools they collected along the years to engage with communities, their position as agents of transformation and the future of their practice.

With: Alessandra Pomarico (Free Home University, Lecce, Italy), Andrea Capaldi (Mare Culturale Urbano, Milano, Italy), Marie Vanderghote (Broei, Ghent, Belgium), Sofia Costa Pinto (EDA Associação, Almada, Portugal).