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Inputs / Talks

Tatjana Schneider to give a lecture at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS) in Bangalore, India

The lecture will look at the role of architects and spatial planners in a world that is dominated by an increasing commodification of space, the privatisation of public land and assets, debates on climate change as well as growing inequalities. Against such global tendencies, within which architecture is often reduced to a mere decorative task, the lecture will present a more transformative and emancipatory understanding of practice and teaching – a practice that, in Bruno Latour’s terms, pays critical attention not of architecture as a matter of fact, but as a matter of concern. I will do so, by introducing a series of teaching formats that aim to challenge ’normative’ ways of doing and thereby call into question dominant perceptions of what it means to be an architect.


  • 10. Juni ’19, 18:30