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Sabine Hansmann moderates the roundtable "Nervous Systems: Infrastructures as assemblages" at the Bauhaus Study Rooms 2021


Bauhaus Study Rooms 2021 "Challenging Infrastructure Modernism" is a public digital conference of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in cooperation with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

"Modernism and its aesthetics are closely linked to images of power lines, airplanes, railroad bridges, and highways. While these infrastructure elements are given center stage as models of a new built environment in a variety of manifestos of modern architecture, their functional logics, their structures, resources, and interconnections remain obscure. In this respect, infrastructures constitute the fragile pillars of modernity that become visible and problematic only when there’s a power outage, when a gas pipeline explodes, etc. The relational fabric between infrastructure and modernity, however, is also based on the promise of inclusion, provision, and integration—a double-edged sword given its foundation on the exploitation of resources in the global South under the logic of development, perpetuating the colonial legacy." (Quote from the Bauhaus Dessau website)

Sabine Hansmann will moderate the Roundtable "Nervous Systems: Infrastructures as assemblages" with Daniel Springer, Maryia Rusak and Irma del Valle Nachón. The event brings together former participants of the various educational programmes as connected to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. For a detailed program, click here.
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