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Inputs / Talks, Collaborations

Tatjana Schneider talks with Sarah Bovelett of Floating University and the Bureau for Hybridising Encounters

The Sun Maschine is Coming Down, ICC Berlin 
Photo: T. Schneider

The floating dialogues drift between the Floating as an intensive place of learning and doing and the ICC as an intensive place of encounter. Or the other way around. In short conversations, two members of Floating e.V. enter the ring; one has to listen, one has to talk, one asks questions, one answers, one sets the beginning - the other has to take up. By learning to speak from a specific experience of learning at the Floating, the Floating University will be discussed as a place of diverse forms of future learning. The circle of interlocutors will be expanded with special guests connected to the floating work, floating on an ICC balcony or on the bridge over the motorway - the audience will see the interlocutors from a distance while listening to their voices through wireless headphones.


  • 09. Oktober ’21, 15:00–15:30