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Tatjana Schneider to give keynote at the 15th Conference of the international Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

Bordeaux National School of Architecture and Landscape (ENSAP) 

As societies all over the world face the challenges of global change, the paradigms for spatial intervention are evolving.In the realm of urban and architectural design, rampant productivism appears outdated and is progressively being replaced by an attitude that is more attentive to local environments and cultures. Different methods for space design at all scales are emerging locally, adopting new postulates in order to address global challenges.

In this context, the internationalization of higher education stands out as a powerful tool for helping our societies address current questions about the evolution of territories all over the planet in a spirit of complementarity and solidarity. As the internationalization of education has garnered widespread approval through its promotion of sharing knowledge between a wide diversity of countries, today it is a priceless vector for fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences about the ecological transition.

Broadly addressing these matters by studying what is done in different contexts would seem to be a fundamental task for higher education in architecture, urban design, planning, and spatial work in general carried out at all scales.


  • 29. Juni–01. Juli ’22

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