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What does climate breakdown do to architectural education?

Architecture after the Anthropocene, AHRA Conference 2022 at New York's Pratt Institute

Mould research collective will organize a conversational workshop that aims to challenge and question architectural curricula in relation to climate breakdown. We are interested in exploring and discussing alternatives to dominant architectural and spatial practices, arguing for systemic changes that climate breakdown demands in the context of the extractivist nature of building industries. Those changes, arguably, will have to take into account architectural education. The aim of the session is to share challenges, perspectives, ways of doing and views regarding climate, knowledge, and spatial production. We want to discuss values, cultures, laws, and events that led to and hold us in the current situation while at the same time we look for futures. Futures found in the gaps of the present, where new fragile formations are already emerging but need support and understanding, where can be rearranged and brought together to develop new relations, and where futures are always founded on a critique of the status quo in order to move intentionally away from it.

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  • 17. November ’22, 19:30–21:00