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Critical Publishing Documenting this&that

Sommer '24 (SQ / PRO)
Louise Nguyen

From 12th to 14th September GTAS will host this & that, a gathering about climate and politics, architecture and ethics, academia and activism, networks and futures, models and utopias, being critical and being naive, transformations and resistance, rebellion and hope.

The gathering brings together scientists and protagonists from Europe (including Denmark, Germany, England, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland) – from architecture and art, planning and sociology, anthropology and media studies, community, economics and political science, activism and initiatives – to exchange ideas about the possibilities of transformation towards solidary ways of life and to discuss methods and models of implementation.

During the gathering, we will explore these ideas together and produce a zine documenting our views on this&that. We will participate in the events and create moments to come together and share inputs and ideas. We will observe, listen, record and collect notes, items and anything that fits into a Riso printer (be open-minded and creative). We will draw together or individually, cut and paste and learn from the process.


Louise Nguyen is a Berlin based architect from Denmark. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture, Copenhagen in 2015 and moved to Berlin where she started collaborating with Raumlaborberlin on various projects. She has experience in different fields of architecture and scenography but has over the years developed a very particular interest in illustrations.


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