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Critical Publishing: Sharing is caring

Sommer '23 (SQ / PRO)
Pieterjan Grandry

In this workshop we will take a closer look at the world of independent and self-publishing and the motivations that lie underneath them. As mainstream structures don’t usually make bold statements, they are rarely ground-breaking nor do they bring new topics to the table. Classical publishing structures tend to play it safe and don’t often connect to the messages of sub or outsider cultures, or any other traditionally unrepresented groups for that matter. Independent publishing serves our need to share an independent voice. Radical, experimental, political, ‘different’ in nature – these voices tell stories that otherwise would be hard or impossible to tell. We paint, write, debate, talk and sing to express and reflect on the world around and inside of us. When not all stories have the same chances of being shared, publishing structures that care for those excluded voices, become crucial.

Over the course of one week, we will look at the field of independent publishing as a practice of care and focus our attention to the links between self-care and self-publishing specifically. Focusing our attention here we can position ourselves and our experiences both as authors and publishers. We will set-up a publishing imprint and write a manifesto, take editorial decisions, design and layout, as well as print and bind our first publication.

Please bring at least one publication in which you have found care or found an expression of self-care from its author.

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    10:00am-5:00pm each day

Material costs

Approx. 20,00 € per person