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Independent Study Summer '20

Do What You Want
Sommer '20 (Bachelor, Master)
Tatjana Schneider

We encourage non-native German speaking students to undertake an independent study with us–to be tutored on a 1 to 1 basis. Usually, this would take the form of a written piece of work that takes as its focus a contemporary spatial controversy, which would then be studied predominantly through secondary data (e.g. texts, films, newspaper articles, and so on); though we do also actively encourage field work. We are particularly interested in questions around collective / social / public housing, public space and the spatial dimensions of social movements. If you are interested in pursuing this route, please send a 1-page abstract about your chosen topic of interest, outlining clearly why you are interested in this topic, how you would research it and the references that you have already consulted. Tutorials would be arranged by appointment, but would typically be organised in bi-weekly intervals.

How to learn more?

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