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Nature of Hope—11th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

Nieuwe Instituut, #Rotterdam
29. Juni–20. Oktober ’24

In 2024, the Nieuwe Instituut will be the main venue for the 11th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). This year’s biennale edition, themed Nature of Hope, is put forward by IABR Director Saskia van Stein and curated by Janna Bystrykh, Catherine Koekoek, Hani Salih, Alina Paias and Noortje Weenink. The curatorial team explores how spacial design could contribute to safeguard human existence on our planet and foster a metabolic relationship with ecological processes and local material cultures.

Mould Collective has been invited to contribute to the Biennale alongside many others, including: After Comfort Collective (Thomas Auer, Nick Axel, Daniel A. Barber, Nikolaus Hirsch, Jeannette Kuo & Ola Uduku), [Applied] Foreign Affairs, Alexandra Arènes, BC Materials, Bureau SLA, Dérive, Extinction Rebellion UK (Morgan Throwland & Julian Maynard Smith), Husos Arquitecturas, Isa Defesche, János Chialá, Mihnae Tanasescu, Laura Ajola, Karin Reisinger, Pernilla Fagerlönn, Lis-Mari Gurák Hjortfors & Karina Jarrett, Niek Hendrix, ONE Architecture, Open Systems Lab, APLO, Platform Woonopgave, and RE-ST and Worofila.