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New publication – Chronograms of Architecture on e-flux

Chronograms of Architecture is a collaboration between e-flux Architecture and the Jencks Foundation within the context of their research program “‘isms and ‘wasms” that takes inspiration from Charles Jencks’s diagrams. It features contributions by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Marson Korbi, Mario Carpo and Mark Garcia, Charles L. Davis II and Curry J. Hackett, Francesca Hughes and Urtzi Grau, MOULD (Sarah Bovelett, Anthony Powis, Tatjana Schneider, Christina Serifi, Jeremy Till, and Becca Voelcker), and Bryony Roberts and Abriannah Aiken. An exhibition of the six commissioned diagrams and an accompanying symposium will take place at the Architectural Association in London in May 2023.