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Winter '22/23 (Master, Pool)
Nick Houde
Photo: N. Houde

The scope of planetary-scale crises today are truly unprecedented on Earth. Ecological disaster, public health emergencies, fragile geopolitics, and the slow violence of global inequality all pervade the atmosphere.They are not simply large in impact. Rather, their enormity comes from their causes and effects which operate on manifold scales simultaneously. As a result, planetary life – and any hope for transforming it – has become increasingly complex and difficult to comprehend.

This seminar addresses this complexity with a number of theories, concepts, and practices that convey scale; from the spatial and temporal, to the networked and multidimensional. It will unpack our assumptions about scale that carry over from various disciplines and political/economic ideologies to better understand how scale operates as an essential framing mechanism in every discipline, not least of all spatial practice.

Experimenting with different practical mapping and modeling exercises that will accompany theoretical texts, the seminar will bridge hands-on methods for thinking through scale while collaboratively discussing the many ramifications this could have on critically engaging with the planetary-scale crises of the moment.

Students will be evaluated based on five short activities and a final project which consists of a map / diagram and short synopsis.

Please note

In times of uncertainty, increased flexibility is required, especially when scheduling face-to-face classes. Please note that depending on how the pandemic develops, the programme could change slightly or be switched completely to digital formats. Please check or Stud.IP at the beginning of the semester for information on how the formats will be implemented.


  • Regular seminar session

    Thursday, 13:15–16:30