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Nick Houde

Nick Houde is a researcher who engages with how governance, technology, urbanism, and ecology are interwoven with one another. Since 2016 he has led research for the Technosphere Project and the Anthropocene Curriculum at HKW in Berlin which were long-term public research projects concerned with how planetary-scale changes to the Earth have created unprecedented challenges to philosophy, social organization, and geopolitics. Alongside this work, he has worked on emerging technologies for trade unions with collaborators at Trust, as well as teaching at a number of universities around Europe such as Bard College Berlin, ZHdK, and The University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He holds a degree in Urban Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver and a MA in Philosophy from the European Graduate School. From time to time, he writes philosophy essays, gives public talks, and composes music. He joined GTAS in July 2022 and left again for new adventures in June 2023.