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Sols des Femmes

Sommer '21
Estefania Ferrá Escrivà und Gabriela Kienbaum

The project Sols des Femmes, or Women’s Grounds, was developed by Estefania Ferrá Escrivà and Gabriela Kienbaum for the Kaira Looro Architecture Competition which focuses on the themes of humanitarian architecture for emergencies and development. The 2021 competition took place under the title 'Women's House' with the objective to create not only an environmentally friendly structure inspired by local traditions but a space where women can meet and discuss topics such as gender equality – a necessary condition, as the brief said, for a prosperous world. Within this context, Estefania and Gabriela designed a building that is at the same time a meeting place and a space for the exchange of ideas and skills. It makes use of local and natural materials such as sun-baked earth bricks and is conceived in such a way that it can be adapted easily if future changes are necessary.